Nov 13, 2016

Review: Red Death

Red Death Red Death by Jeff Altabef
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A dystopian world 800 or so years from now, divided and ruled by several tribes. The world is affected by Red Death a kind of plague which had wiped majority of human race. Purity, Faith and Strength is the motto of a tribe which is isolated on a peninsula surrounded by a river, a religious group named Eden. The protagonist of the story is Aaliss a highly trained Guardian and she has two brothers one is elder named Piers and the youngest named Wilky. The tribe is ruled by a High Priest and a President. Their religious leader is Jacob. Unlike other tribes Eden is protected from the outside world, other tribes die of Red Death. All other tribes people were called as soulless by Eden.

Wilky is a genius kid, with his vision he finds the cure for Red Death and treats one soulless girl belonging to Butcher tribe. The High Priest who is cunning politician of our time, did not wish to leak the secret. As the High Priest holds the place after the revered Jacob, he thinks by mixing the potion in the wine he can save the people of Eden from Red Death and at the same time he will be regarded as a Prophet. To get the name he tries to kill Wilky, and Aaliss comes to know about this and she escapes from Eden with Wilky and the soulless girl.

The potion is mixture of a particular flower and a mushroom which grows outside of Eden. The High Priest sends his most trusted assassin Viper to kill Aaliss and Wilky. On the way the girl takes them to their tribe. The Butcher tribe is ruled by Dermot a popular king he has two brothers one is wicked Fintan and another is handsome Eamon. King Dermot is having the symptoms of Red Death, Fintan with his aide Cormac conspires to kill Dermot and capture the throne.

But Aaliss, Wilky were held in a prison and they the butcher tribe did not believe a cure for Red Death. Eamon wants to save his brother Dermot from Red Death and makes arrangement to save Aaliss and Wilky from the hold, they travel through a forest to get the mushroom and the flower. The group is hindered by many obstacles ranging from a witch to killing birds.

Same time P'mina a girl belonging to Painted ones tribe (governed by a Tribal mother) tries to meet her mother who is believed to be living in a forest and prove to her tribe that her mother is not a witch. She goes missing and her sister Kalhona comes in search for her. All the above characters I have mentioned meets in the forest.

Did Aaliss and Wilky find the cure for Red Death, did Eamon saves his brother from the evil plans of Fintan, did Kalhona meets her sister who is captured by the Red Witches, did Aaliss and Eamon find their love? Who is Jacob? is he a real God? All these are answered in the remaining chapters of the book.

Every character has their own agenda. Aaliss has to save his brother Wilky, Wilky has to distribute the potion to cure Red death. Eamon wants to save his brother King Dermot, Fintan wants to rule the tribe, Viper the assassin wants to kill Aaliss and Wilky. As their are many characters the author Jeff Altabef has cleverly given the link for cast of characters at the end of each chapters.

All the characters are well developed. The author ends some of the chapters with a cliff hanger, the story is fast paced and an exciting read.

I received this as a free E-book and I am eagerly waiting for the second instalment.

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  1. Sounds really exciting.
    I am glad that you are enjoying
    this book and looking forward
    to the next installment.

  2. Thanks much. That's a great, detailed review you posted on your site. I look forward to sharing it with my readers!!


  3. It is a great pleasure for me for getting a comment from the book author for my review. Thank you Jeff.