Nov 28, 2016

Review: Shadow Tag

Shadow Tag Shadow Tag by Raymond Khoury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The two thriller writers Steve Berry and Raymond Khoury while attending Thrill-fest convention in London are kidnapped. And the secret agents Cotton Malone and Sean Reilly were summoned via a coded message to track down two Americans.

The kidnapper asks Berry and Khoury to create a story of an antagonist who wins in the end using a devastating act of terror, so that he use that plot to have a name alongside Bin Laden. Both the authors brainstorm to create plots which were already in the books of several authors. Same time Cotton and Sean track one thug but they were imprisoned next to the authors.

Did the authors created a unique plot for the act of terror? or Did the authors and agents escape from the clutches of the kidnapper? all these are in the remaining pages of the action packed short story. It is a real life authors meeting their fictional characters in their life.

I liked the way the authors have poked fun on themselves and also they have mentioned many other thriller authors. Like I said before the story has humorous moments and action side by side.

Plus the book also had sneak peak on Raymond Khoury's "The End Game" and Steve Berry's "The 14th Colony".

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  1. This book looks like it has a bit of a twist. I like that. Thanks for thinking of me Roop.

  2. As you are a fan of Steve Berry I recommended this free book in Kindle Unlimited.