Dec 14, 2016

Review: சிலிகான்புரம் [Siliconpuram]

சிலிகான்புரம் [Siliconpuram] சிலிகான்புரம் [Siliconpuram] by Samura
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I entered this free giveaway one month back and surprisingly I received this signed paperback copy couple of weeks back. I already read the free chapter of Bahubali Thatha and liked the way the author has conveyed the message.

The book is collection of 12 short stories of people living in Siliconpuram.
1. Bahubali Thatha
2. Elipori
3. Beechoram
4. Nanaiyam
5. Thavaruthal
6. Mudhal Savari
7. Naan Avanillai
8. Pinju Manam
9. Ukkarantha ...
10. Peethi
11. Maraka Mudiavillai
12. Adi Karumbu

Every story has a message with a twist some are unexpected and enjoyable. I liked Bahubali Thatha, Elipori, Nanaiyam, Mudhal Savari, Naan Avanillai and importance of trees Pinju Manam.

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