Dec 14, 2016

Review: White Is the Coldest Colour

White Is the Coldest Colour White Is the Coldest Colour by John Nicholl
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I included this book to my reading list after reading the review written by Mark Tilbury the author of "The Revelation Room" and "The Eyes of the Accused". Dr.Galbraith is a child consultant psychologist who uses his gentlemanly charms to satisfy his twisted fantasies and molesting small children. The doctor is the antagonist of the story who has a wife and two girl children. His wife Cynthia is harshly treated and she lives a life of an insane woman.

The operation of paedophile ring slowly emerges, and some of the molested victims reveal the names involved. One name in question and unbelievable is Dr.Galbraith.

Anthony known as Tony, whose life disturbed by the separation of his parents, his GP recommends him to Dr.Galbraith. Unaware the parents unite and take their son to the consultation.

Later Dr.Galbraith the evil personified abducts Tony and assaults Tony's mother Molly gravely. He takes him to the famous 'White Room'. Same time the police is closing on Dr.Galbraith and his accomplices. Did they catch the doctor? Did Tony was saved? What happened to Molly and Cynthia?

All these mysteries are revealed in the last chapters of the book. The writing is awesome, it is a thrilling read. I had the adrenaline rush when the doctor tries to abduct Tony in playground and finally in his home.

Thank you Mark for the recommendation. I bought this book from Kindle Unlimited.

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  1. Hi Roop,

    I'm glad I helped you find a book that you enjoyed. There is a sequel to this book called When Evil Calls Your Name that tells more of Cynthia's story. That's a great read too.

    1. Thank you Mark, I will add that book too.