Jan 9, 2017

Review: James Bond #3

James Bond #3 James Bond #3 by Warren Ellis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In this issue, after Bond exits, Slaven asks Dharma to track Bond, if he leaves the garage lab alive he ask Mr.Masters to be ready for multiple contact. Bond goes to the garage lab. A few minutes later Bond understands it is a trap. He kills all the guys in the lab, too much gore, blood, shattered skull and bones in every panel. Exit wounds are shown in full detail!

Dharma sends the message that Bond has come out alive from the trap. Mr.Masters goes to Berlin Station imagining that Bond will be there. As instructed he kills every contact and finds out that Bond is not there, like a psychopath Mr.Masters question whereabouts of Bond with the corpse .

End of third issue.

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