Jan 14, 2017

Review: Payment in Death

Payment in Death Payment in Death by fleetway
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After 30 plus years I am reading this comics and I vaguely remembered the story. I was searching for Lawrence and David adventures in Google for couple of years and I did not get the answer. Later I came to know through a blog that Barracuda and Frollo were the real comic character names for Lawrence and David which the Tamil publishers has given an easy to recognize name for the characters.

In the Chennai Book Fair I went to the Lion comics stall and found 4 titles of Lawrence & David adventures. I purchased this book "Payment in Death" in Tamil it is renamed as Flight 731. In Tamil edition they have not only changed the names of heroes but also the evil organisation as Aa.Ko.Thee.Ka. (Azhivu - Destruction, Kollai - Plundering, Theemai - Evil, Kazhagam - organisation) I think the English edition mentioning the organisation is WAM (War Against Mankind).

To the story, the Leader of the WAM dies of old age. And the members wanted a new Leader, so they make a contest by selecting 7 members from organisation. Their task is to kill Lawrence (Barracuda). They create a fake scenario and Lawrence takes the bait and steals the secret documents. Both Lawrence and David (Frollo) take microfilm of the secret document and travels from Sydney to London.

The 7 contestants list (no idea what where their English equivalent comic names are) Surjo Ismail from Indonesia, Mary Ling from Hong Kong, Bajlul Bhutto from Pakistan, Mohamed Ali from Middle East, Naisarith from Thailand, Timothy from Balkan and Bismarck from West Germany.

The Flight 731 travels from Sydney to London and has many stop overs. Each of the contestants try their best to kill Lawrence. Did Lawrence and David escape from the killers? Did they know the secret document is fake? All are answered in 100 plus pages of the comics.

I liked the part in Thailand, the art work is superb, the action scenes are breathtaking.

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