Jun 26, 2017

The Terra Debacle: Prisoners at Area 51

In May 30, 1979 a space ship crash lands and was impounded in Hill Air Force Base, Ogden Utah, the ship had three passengers one girl named Creena, a robot designed primarily for agricultural duties named AG4MI and the hero Thyron neither flora nor fauna known as flora peda telepathis, a telepathic walking plant. All are taken into custody. 

Dr.Gabriel Greenley, astro-biologist who specialized in botany called into studying unique characteristics of Thyron. They both become close friends over time and they exchange their views telepathically, in authors point they have same psibrations. Thyron starts to grasp the knowledge from his place and hatches a plan to escape from Area 51. What was their plan? How did they break free from their confinement? Who helped them in their escape? all are beautifully answered by the author Marcha Fox.

The plot line is good, the back stories of Dr.Greenley, the thoughts of Thyron, his rhymes, intelligent villain Colonel Watkins, the encounter between Thyron and Watkins, how AG4MI and Thyron outwits humans are worth mentioning.

I cannot say that the book is fast paced but definitely the book has its entertaining values. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, though this novel is continuation story, it can be read as stand alone. Expecting to read other books authored by Marcha Fox.


  1. Thanks, Roop! Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Comments from authors motivates to read and write more reviews.