Sep 12, 2017

Clive Cussler Liked My Reply

Getting comments and feedbacks for my reviews and replies are always a boost for me. One the first day of my tweet about the books I have gathered (very few compared to the collectors around the world) one of my favourite authors Clive Cussler liked my tweet and I was very happy on that day. 

Couple of hours ago in Twitter "Isaac Bell" @Isaacbell series, another fictional character from the world of Clive Cussler tweeted with a photo (above) and a line "Clive Cussler is sharing his REALlife #adventures.U can FOLLOW  @cusslerOFFICIAL #author #cigars #classiccars #amwriting #writer #ocean #sea" when I looked up at the image the first thing that came to my mind is that Clive Cussler is with his fictional character Dirk Pitt in diving suit. I typed the above line in the comment section and I received the like from the author which I want to share in this blog. Below is the screen shot.

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