Nov 28, 2017

The Undead: A Tale from the Night

I have already read Akay brothers “Jason Cage” and have some knowledge of how their storyline will be. But this short story The Undead: A Tale from the Night is entirely different. After reading couple of pages I had a doubt is this is from Stephen King!

the undead

Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.

– George Eliot

The above line is the first line of the book, the idea I grasp from the blurb and this line is entirely different after reaching the final page.

A first time father expecting a baby is the one line of the story. The story is told in first person narrative. The book has many gory moments as mentioned in the blurb we surely need guts to read. I have read this book 2 times, for the second time it really took me two days to sit and read it again.

This story is for the fans of mystery & thriller, fans especially those who like Stephen King will praise this book on the writing style.

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