Dec 2, 2017

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight

A superb suspense thriller of the Dark Knight set in the Victorian age. Bruce Wayne returns from London to find that Gotham city crime rate has intensified. The story is by Brian Augustyn and illustrations by Mike Mignola.


The original artwork is by  cooey2ph, I reworked in Photoshop

Batman has to face the notorious Jack the Ripper prowling the gas lit streets of the city later Bruce Wayne has been charged of murders and locked up in Arkham Asylum.


Book cover (when you enlarge the image you can see a building named after the illustrator)

Batman using his detective skills nabs the real Jack the Ripper. And who is that person is a revelation for us.


Batman confronts Jack the ripper

The art work is not that good but the Dark Knight costume is awesome. Given above are the two images right from the story book and another from the art work  cooey2ph in a website.


  1. batman and jack the ripper in victorian era wow, can you share the book with me.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It is a library book.

      Sorry for the late reply.