Dec 24, 2017

Long Road To Abilene

I came to know about this book through Men’s Adventures Paperback from the Facebook group. My first reading on the western genre, written beautifully by Robert Vaughan, friends from the group had told me that he was one of the under rated, prolific writer.

The hero of the novel is an old man named Cade McCall. One writer Owen Wister visits his palatial home to write his biography. And the story is revealed through the pages of the writer.


Cade McCall life changes when civil war breaks, he enlists in the army leaving his love life. After surviving the battle he was captured and held in prison camp. There he makes friends with Jed, Pogue and Dolan they became inseparable. They hatch a fool proof plan for escape but someone in their circle leaks and Cade gets the punishment. After the war he was released he goes back to his home to find that his lover had married his brother believing Cade had died in the war.

Robert Vaughan

The author of the book Robert Vaughan

As the life turns sour Cade leaves the house and helps his brother in paying the mortgage. On the way Cade was abducted from a bar and made a sailor against his wishes. When the time came Cade escapes from the clutches and became a free man. Destiny makes him a drover, there he finds Abilene a city without law. He fights the villains and uphold the law. The ending is so fast and I was not satisfied because much of Cade’s story is not fully narrated then I came to know at the end that this is a part of his adventure.

The story has all the action, romance and suspense. I liked the book and eagerly waiting to read other books on McCall.

My rating 5 Stars.

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