Feb 9, 2018

Manga Classics: The Count of Monte Cristo

Basically I am a comic book lover, first time I am reading a Manga. I have not read The Count of Monte Cristo book when it was available for review in Net galley I picked it up.

The graphic novel “The Count Of Monte Cristo” is 401 pages long, a classic tale of Alexandre Dumas adapted to Manga the art work by Nokman Poon and story adaption by Crystal S.Chan.

Count of Monte Cristo

Graphic novel cover

From the blurb

"A conspiracy and a miscarriage of justice turn the gentle Edmond Dante's into an implacable agent of fate: The Count of Monte Cristo. Obsessed by vengeance and empowered by providence, the Count avenges himself on those who have wronged him - but is this justice, or is this hubris? In the end, does even the Count know?"

The story is huge and complex plot with vast number of characters the team have worked very well in nicely trimming the story at the same time stick to the rule of showing how Edmond Dantes took revenge on those who did him wrong. A commendable work that we have to appreciate. The artwork is superb and excellent, the facial expressions of characters are worth mentioning, even the copy I had is un-edited and low resolution ones.

They have given a character design sketch book, character relationship guide, the artist have also shared his thoughts about the designing some of the characters such as Edmond Dantes, Haydee, Albert De Morcerf and Valentine De Villefort. Further they also added some photographs, the original locations related to the story. I enjoyed reading Manga Classic, recommended to Manga lovers.

My rating 177042407 

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