Mar 25, 2018

The Chase–Book Review

I am a fan of Clive Cussler and I am crazy of Dirk Pitt adventures. First time I am reading a story entirely different from what Clive has written all these years. From a Facebook group this book The Chase was selected for reading in the month of February 2018, but I was busy with my work schedule and I finished this book couple of days back.

the chase

What to say I was awestruck by Clive's writing skill, he can also write detective/mystery stories. I started to like Isaac Bell, second to Dirk Pitt. Bell is the fastest gun in the west and he has given a job by Von Dorn Detective agency to arrest the evil personified Butcher Bandit. The real face of the bandit is a twist to the story.

Clive is very clever is using the original backdrop to his stories in this novel he had included the great San Francisco earthquake that struck on April 18th 1906. He made us feel we were transported back to the streets of San Francisco on that fateful day.

The car chase and train chase scenes unfolded nicely with vivid description as though I was watching a movie. It would be great if Hollywood produce The Chase.

Clive Cussler again proved that he is the Grand Master of action adventure.

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