Apr 10, 2018

The Key to Death's Door

Thanks to Net galley for the copy.

Lee Hunter and his friend Charlie Finch goes to a derelict boathouse and an accident occurs,  Lee nearly drowns and he finds inside the body of a teenager Paul in another time, who gets tragically killed by a demon incarnate Daryl.

Lee returns back to his body and his time, now with help of his dearest friend who has brain of a chicken and the heart of a lion Charlie plans to take over the despicable man.


Did they succeeded? Or did they succumbed to that same person again? all are revealed in the thrilling last chapters of “The Key to Death’s door”.

I have already read the books written by Mark Tilbury and I know how dark and gory with a little bit of humour he writes. In this novel Mark had scored again I am bit disappointed on missing his dark humour. Apart from this the novel is as good as his other stories.

The friendship between Charlie and Lee, how they both sacrifice for each other well being is super awesome. Another friendship mentioned is Paul Collins and Bobby Knox it is also great story with a tinge of sadness as they both die in the hands of Daryl.

And now the villain the most hated and one we wish to see him dead is Daryl. An important character who links the two stories, two childhoods ruined by the same man and two families torn apart by his evil action. His style of tormenting, provoking and punishing are exceptional, sometimes we wish to tear him apart, hit him with his baseball bat so he tastes his own blood. The feeling towards Daryl we have is intense dislike, the credit goes to the author Mark, Daryl the villain is on par with Edward Ebb and John Carver.

A superb thriller from Mark Tilbury. Thanks Mark for another great read.

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