Aug 22, 2018


Thanks to Net galley for giving me an opportunity to read and review the graphic novel 1066. The story is about conquest of England by William the Conqueror.


The graphic novel is based on the 11th century Bayeux Tapestry made of linen cloth measuring 68.38 meters and 55 cm in height. The story is told in 58 scenes and it is considered to be worlds first comic strip.

It is an adventure story of William, the novel also exhibits his shrewdness and leadership qualities. In between they have provided the images from the Bayeux tapestry which makes the book more enjoyable. 


The copy I have received have some unfinished panels and pencil marks abound. Some panels I have given below. Since it is free copy the publisher had sent a low resolution unfinished panel work for review. I am sure the final product will be fantastic, as the unfinished panels looks good.

panel1  panel2

You can find pencil marks that have not been erased

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Aug 14, 2018

The Nostradamus Equation–Book Review

Nostradamus hides his prophecy book “Century” in Sahara which contains the remaining 58 quatrains of Century VII. The book also prophecies about the end of human race and it may continue through the effort of one girl who will be a decadent of Nostradamus companion.


That girl is Dr.Zara Delacroix, but she did not believe in Nostradamus writings. Later when she finds the hidden book she start to believe in his prophecies.  To stop her progress a group of rebels try to kill and take the book. Zara escapes from them and meets Sam Reilly. Now the story shifts to 4th gear. On one side Zara been chased by the thugs of General Ngige and another she has doubts about Sam and his appearance in the middle of the desert. To fill up their water bottle, they happen to use the fossil water from foggara (ancient under water tunnel dug up by Garamantes) but they cannot come up from the well as the thugs were above looking for them. They stay in the under water tunnel for days and they attempt to find another route for escape, this part of the story was very thrilling as Sam, Tom and Zara try their level best to come out of the tunnel.

Same time Sam’s team understands that he had been gone missing and they begin to search for him. Did Sam, Tom Bower and Zara escape from the tunnel? What was the prophecy of Nostradamus and what is Nostradamus equation? Did General Ngige become the Dictator of all of Africa? What mineral was General Ngige was mining below Lake Tumba? all these are answered in the last few pages of the novel. The climax is cliff hanger.

The novel is fast paced a page turner, I have already read The Last Airship of Christopher Cartwright and I have also reviewed that a couple of months back. I find a slight resemblance of Clive Cussler adventure in Christopher Cartwright novels. I like to thank the author Christopher for giving a thrilling adventure story.

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Aug 1, 2018

Devil’s Gate (NUMA)

Yet another fast paced thriller from the Grand master of Adventure Clive Cussler. This is my first reading of NUMA Files. I am a fan of Dirk Pitt, when my hero is also in the story my joy doubled.


From the blurb:

A Japanese cargo ship cruises the eastern Atlantic near the Azores - when it bursts into flames. A gang of pirates speeds to take advantage of the disaster – but their boat explodes. What on earth is happening? What does it have to do with the kidnapping of a top scientist from the streets of Geneva. With the defection sixty years ago of a mysterious Russian? With the discovery of an extraordinary underwater graveyard of ships and planes littered across the sea floor? As Austin and Zavala and the rest of team rush to investigate, they find themselves drawn into the extraordinary ambitions of an African dictator, the creation of a weapon of almost mythical power, and an unimaginably audacious plan to extort the world's major nations. The penalty for refusal? The destruction of the world's greatest cities. Starting with Washington, DC . . . Filled with the high-stakes suspense and boundless invention that are unique to Cussler, Devils Gate is one of the most thrilling novels yet from the grand master of adventure.

The novel has superb plots with awesome characters like Paul, Gamay, Katarina Luskaya, Andras, Alexander Cochrane and Djemma Garand.  With lot of action from Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala, I like to write about Kurt’s action scenes, first thing comes to my mind is Joe and Kurt trying their best to escape from their adversaries in the submersible Barracuda, Kurt using an old oxygen tank to save Joe, rescuing Kristi Nordegrun from the sinking Kinjara Maru and finally Kurt Austin using the “Single Occupant Tactical Insertion Unit” or a one man glider which can transport its occupant a one way trip across 140 miles and doing it without a sound or heat trail or radar signature, landing on the mysterious tanker called Onyx. The tanker which has the capacity to relay the death rays to Washington DC. “One man on a tanker in the middle of the Atlantic now held the fate of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, in his (Kurt Austin) hands. A sentence giving hope that he will take care of Andras and save the country. A fitting climax to the story. Clive’s co author Graham Brown had excellently handled the plots.

I also like to quote the character of Kurt “and to Kurt Austin the sea had always meant freedom; freedom to roam and explore the world, freedom from traffic and smog and the sometimes claustrophobic existence of modern urban life”.

After Dirk Pitt adventures I started to like Kurt Austin and yes I have collected some of Numa files.

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