Sep 2, 2018

A Lamb’s Gamble

I have read the Tamil novel Semmaari a year back, I was awestruck by the plots and characters used by the author and I suggested to him to translate the book to English. The author willingly did.


A Tamil proverb “Vilayattu Vinaiyagum” is the crux of the story. An uneducated nomad Semmaari, shepherd by profession is pitted against three antagonist a ruthless person named Kodari, the King of Chandira Kingdom and as well as the Commander of his enemy country Suriya Kingdom. Semmaari had to face them because of an ancient game of the Tamils Tigers and Lambs.

Each character taking up Semmaari’s side are in someway hurt by the above mentioned three adversaries. The revenge is accomplished by them using the five natural elements. It is joy to re read the last few chapters to assimilate the techniques and strategies used by the author.

There are many poetic passages, I like to quote one: “Fishes tears cannot be seen. Semmaari couldn’t see the tears forming in those fish-like eyes either. He just stood there, adoring her.

Kudos Samura sir for giving us a fantastic novel based on an ancient Tamil game.

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