Sep 24, 2018

Slaughter: Origin Story - Review


Caution this novel is not for light hearted.

David John Slaughter is a lonely person, has lost his wife and two lovely children. Secludes himself from the world and takes up collection of fire arms. One of Big Chuck gang sells antique fire arms to DJ and next time they try to grab his money. A big mistake by Big Chuck who had chosen to cheat DJ.

They try to take over DJ’s money and other fire arms hidden in his home. Injured DJ escapes and he has to save his collection, it is an arduous task as around 20 to 25 trained persons are waiting for his arrival. He kills everybody with surgical precision.

That’s not the end, as Big Chuck wants to prove who is he, from informers from FBI Big Chuck tracks DJ and tries to kill him again but DJ becomes alert and joins hand with another untainted FBI agent.

Big Chuck makes a master stroke of kidnapping their loved ones. Did DJ saved them? What happened to Big Chuck and his empire?

Absolutely page turner novel an action adventure, we will surely like DJ and his special skills. Use and terms of weapons given in the book tells us the knowledge possessed by the author James Beltz.

Towards half of the novel the author introduces one character which does not fit in the story but in the end that character is the real twist to the novel. The climax is cliffhanger.

A must buy book for action adventure fans.

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