Nov 17, 2018

Vaseegra Nadu–Book Review

Fantasy genre is seldom used in Tamil movies and as well as in book. I have read a fantasy based short story but not a novel.

After reading a couple of chapters of Vaseegara Nadu I was awestruck on the characterization and the plot. Even the author has given beautiful Tamil names and  they are appropriate to the character, some are, a man with a scared face the author given name is Vadumaran, vadu means scar, Sengkanal, Porimudi, Vanamatti, Kadabujan etc. 

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Coming to the story there is a planet, a sea divides into two hemispheres, on one side there is a kingdom called Kathiravanadu, Vadumaran the valiant fighter and intelligent Porimudi seeks revenge and kills the king and queen and they take up reign and rename the country as Gora nadu. They expand the empire and comes to know about one country Vaseegara Nadu which is not captured for centuries, they came to know how the adversaries are defeated in the battle field. Vadumaran takes up the journey as planned by Porimudi to get the special power.

Vadumaran has a son Ilathiran, he was trained by Deivasenar. As he progresses in martial arts he befriends Deivasenar’s son Sengkanal. Ilathiran looks after the kingdom on his father’s absence then he appoints his friend Sengkanal in his army. Sengkanal is a handsome, astute and as well trained in various fights which creates envy for Porimudi he feels that Sengkanal might one day will challenge Ilathiran.

A year later Vadumaran returns with special power which he can transmit to everybody, the power can stay for entire life or for a shorter period of time and as per the wish of Vadumaran. With that new power they initiate the war with Vaseegara Nadu.

With new found power did Vadumaran and Porimudi captured Vaseegara Nadu? Who is Sengkanal and what was his background?

The story is fantasy based and author has used extensive scientific details. Half of the story is in the battle field. The author has took up the power of magnetism as the core of the story.  The description, naming the type of weapons used in the war, the details of the wall in Vaseegara Nadu, types of fighting techniques, the master plan of Porimudi, the strategies used in the war are well narrated by the author.

In the end the author has wished to explain in detail about the countries, their way of living, dress and habits and which I expect eagerly in the second part. A fantastic Tamil fantasy novel and a page turner.

Kudos Samura Sir you have succeeded again in delivering a super imaginative book.

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