Feb 17, 2019

Review: Kumarikandama Sumeriama?

Kumarikandama Sumeriama? Kumarikandama Sumeriama? by P.Prabhakaran
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The author have given out some facts that could relate that the people of Sumeria are proto Dravidians and some of the Sumerians settled in Dilmun which is termed as a heaven in Sumerian cuneiforms. The author Prabhakaran say that the city Dilmun is Tamil Nadu or South India. The book made me to buy other books related to this topic of human evolution and also about Indus Valley Civilization.

The author has substantiated some facts that there is no submerged country Lemuria which is believed to have existed and was near Kanyakumari. As there is no archaeological evidence till date to disprove his idea. He has given some examples of names from Sumeria and I found other similar words to early Tamil and one such is a place called Mari.

As per the research the first homo sapiens born in East Africa and they started to migrate to other places, and homo sapiens took the seashore route to reach other countries and as such humans came to South India not earlier than 80,000 years before that is earlier than any other civilization. How could we say that Sumerians came to South India as first with their superior culture

A good book to start for those having much interest in Archaeology and human evolution.

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