Mar 27, 2019

Review: Famous Assassinations

Famous Assassinations Famous Assassinations by Sarah Herman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks to Net galley for providing me a with a copy of Famous Assassinations by the author Sarah Herman.

The author provides information of some of the assassinations of most notable figures in history. Some we know and most we don't.

The author Sarah Herman has categorised killings of notoriety from earliest written records to the present, she also given backstory for the assassinations.

The common and mostly known by us are the killing of Emperors/kings to make room for others to the throne, murdering religious leaders for political mileage. But in this book we will find many unknown instances which has the same base.

The book is pretty neat in providing overview and this will help people who needed further study can use this as a spring board.

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