May 14, 2019

Review: The Critical Years Of An Immortal Legend

The Critical Years Of An Immortal Legend The Critical Years Of An Immortal Legend by Dr. H.V.Hande
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A tear jerker book on three-month critical period of MGR life in 1984. This book is a treasure trove of information pertaining to the treatment given to MGR in India and abroad.

I was little astonished that how MGR's doctor did not took any steps from September 15th to October 4th on health issues that have arised during the function in Thanjavur, Dr. Hande has clearly stated that in the blood test the creatinine level in Puratchi Thalaivar MGR blood on September 15th is little higher than normal. In medical terms the urine should have high level of creatinine and blood should have low level, it means the kidney is not functioning properly, it was a clear message that MGR's doctor should have checked his kidneys, unfortunately nothing was done.

This book can be developed into a web series so much info packed nicely. The author who was also the Health Minister in MGR's cabinet his role on timely intervention of assembling not only doctors but also engineers who gave crucial advice of how to make air travel of MGR safely are neatly given.

MGR fans will shed tears in couple of chapters for sure. In two chapters my eyes welled up and I was not able to continue my read.

The help MGR has given to many took shape in helping him back when the situation was worse. Timely diagnostic help of Dr. Kanu from Japan his episode of single passenger flight through Singapore airlines, which I already know during my IATA studies are worth to mention.

In all Dr. Hande has beautifully recorded the extraordinary come back of the legendary MGR from his illness. A collector's edition, a must book for MGR fans.

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  1. Sir when can I get this book

  2. In the book the address of the designer and printer is given I will quote below.
    No.8/70, 1st Main Road, Vijaya Nagaram,
    Medavakkam, Chennai-600100,
    Phone : 9840702497 and emial id :

    Or you can contact The Hande Hospital reception.

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