Apr 8, 2020

Review: James Bond: Vargr - Volume 1

James Bond: Vargr - Volume 1 James Bond: Vargr - Volume 1 by Warren Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Warren Ellis James Bond Vargr is a different take of James Bond character, the Bond is elegant but brutal and cold-hearted. The story starts with a vengeance mission in Helsinki and he is been asked to assume the work of fallen 00 Agent. A synthetic drug with horrific side effects takes the toll in the UK, Bond takes up the work and visits Dr.Slaven Kurjak who had lost his arm in action and is a developer in prosthetic technology. Later Bond comes to know that Kurjak also the person behind the synthetic drug. How James Bond finishes Kurjak's empire forms the rest of the story.

From henchmen to Villain the characters are generic, what makes this graphic novel stand apart from the basic plot is the artwork and little comic relief. The action scenes in the panel are superb. Commendable work is done by Jason Masters on illustrations. A must for Bond fans.

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