Feb 12, 2021

The Aviator - Volume 1 - Take-off - Review

This is my unbiased review of The Aviator - Volume 1 and, I thank Netgalley and Europe Comics for giving me an opportunity to read this adventure. The story is set in the World War I era, Josef is the son of a German pastor and doctor who used to visit his rural patients in a biplane. He teaches his son Josef to fly his Albatros. During one such visit he treats an old man who is married to a young girl, Josef develops an infatuation with her. Fate intervenes into the life of young Josef, his lover is killed and how Josef avenges and why he joins hands with his uncle in the war and all these are nicely unfolds in the remaining pages.

The artwork is excellent, especially the jungle sceneries, the graphic novel also shows the pitiful living condition of people during colonial days. A beautiful graphic novel, I enjoyed reading it.

Above are some of the panel showing the superb artwork of Arnoux Erik and Millien Chrys.